Robert H. MacArthur Award

1983 Robert Treat Paine Paine Link Ecological determinism in the competition for space. Ecology 65:1339-1348. Link
1984 Robert McCreadie May May Link The search for patterns in the balance of nature: advances and retreats. Ecology 67:1115-1126. Link
1986 Thomas William Schoener Schoener Link Food webs from the small to the large. Ecology 70:1559-1589. Link

Simon Asher Levin

Levin Link The problem of pattern and scale in ecology. Ecology 73:1943-1967. Link
1990 William M. Murdoch Murdoch Link Population regulation in theory and practice. Ecology 75:271-287. Link
1992 Peter Morrison Vitousek Vitousek Link Beyond global warming: ecology and global change. Ecology 75:1861-1876. Link
1994 Henry Miles Wilbur Wilbur Link Experimental ecology of food webs: complex systems in temporary ponds. Ecology 78:2279-2302. Link
1996 David Tilman Tilman Link The ecological consequences of changes in biodiversity: A search for general principles. Ecology 80:1455-1474. Link
1998 Robert V. O’Neill O’Neill Link Is it time to bury the ecosystem concept? (With full military honors, of course!). Ecology 82:3275-3284. Link
2000 Stephen Russell Carpenter Carpenter Link Ecological futures: building an ecology of the long now. Ecology 83:2069-2083. Link
2002 James Hemphill Brown Brown Link Toward a metabolic theory of ecology. Ecology 85:1771-1789. Link
2004 May Roberta Berenbaum Berenbaum Link  
2006 Alan Hastings Hastings Link Timescales, dynamics, and ecological understanding. Ecology 91:3471–3480. Link
2008 Monica Turner Turner Link Disturbance and landscape dynamics in a changing world. Ecology 91:2833–2849. Link
2010 Stephen W. Pacala Pacala Link How to build a young field in a crisis: Lessons from studies that added greatly to the basic intellectual foundation of ecology while solving an important applied problem
2012 Anthony R. Ives Ives Link Theoretical inference from models and data
2014 Mercedes Pascual Pascual Link  
2016 Anurag A. Agrawal Agrawal Link  


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